St. Burgs is the home of Melbourne's Original Smash Patties!

Situated at two locations in the mighty West, St. Burgs is an American style Burger joint specialising in Smash Patties – the method of actively smashing beef patties on a hot plate to create a thin outer crust whilst maintaining a moist juicy centre – a method which would ultimately see them as the home of Melbourne’s Original Smash Patties!

It all started from the humblest of beginnings in 2014 where backyard home parties with family and friends would become a hub for inspiration, experimentation, creativity, and opportunity! The idea for St. Burgs may have culminated in 2014 but it wasn’t until Mid 2015 that the Soto Brothers finally launched their first store in Maribyrnong. The next three years would be spent vigorously innovating with head menu curator and designer Dan Soto continually seeking out exciting new ideas and drawing from key influences in the US that he would uniquely make his own!
It was in mid 2018 where St. Burgs would branch out further into the West with their flagship Caroline Springs store! An impressive sizable store which boasts a fresh new design and facilities to create the ultimate customer experience! Innovation and creativity continued to flourish which would see them cement their place as one of the best in Melbourne! It was also at this store where the team decided to draw influences from their proud Filipino-Australian heritage. As such, the Filipino Tribute Menu (which still exists today), was overwhelmingly and successfully received for its authentic homage to Filipino fast food with a St. Burgs twist!
Today, St. Burgs leads the way with a dynamic menu that is ever evolving, taking trends that are exciting and relevant, and making it uniquely theirs to give their customers a truly exceptional experience!
st burgs store
st burgs store
st burgs store

Pandemic Project: St.Burgs

St.Burgs, a burger restaurant based in the West of Melbourne, gives us an insight as to how the pandemic has affected their business.